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JOINT PRESS RELEASE Sept 30th 2014 regarding:-

Sirius Minerals/York Potash Ltd submission of a planning application for a mine head site and mineral transport system for a polyhalite mine in the North York Moors National Park.

A Joint Press Release from the North Yorkshire Moors Association (NYMA) and the Campaign for National Parks (CNP)

Tom Chadwick, North Yorkshire Moors Association Chairman said:

“York Potash Ltd withdrew its first planning application for the mining proposal earlier this year. The North Yorkshire Moors Association will be examining in detail the second planning application which York Potash Ltd has submitted to the National Park Authority for the largest polyhalite mine in the world. The footprint of this proposed development has now been extended to other sites within or very close to the National Park and this is of great concern to us in terms of its total effect on the enjoyment of people who visit the National Park.

The massive excavations from the deep mine shafts and the conveyor tunnel will produce a huge amount of spoil, enough to fill two Wembley Stadiums to the roof. Re distributing this on the sites will completely alter the appearance of the landscape.

We still regard this enormous industrial development as inappropriate in the National Park and maintain that the mine head could be located outside the Park and that it is a question of cost to the developer versus cost to the environment. We are especially concerned about the impact of construction traffic over a period of years and the effect this will have on the tourist industry. This will be felt in the National Park and Whitby. There will be a huge increase in HGV traffic along the A171 Moor Road to the tunnel shaft sites and through Whitby to the mine head site. This is a major tourist route into the National Park.

Julian Woolford, Campaign for National Parks Chief Executive said ;

"We have been waiting for this revised planning application for over a year and are really disappointed that York Potash Ltd have not used the additional time to identify an alternative site outside the National Park. This proposal for Europe's largest potash mine is not only a threat to the North York Moors but is of much wider significance as the decisions made on it will be an important test of the planning protection for National Parks.

"Developments of this scale are only allowed in National Parks in exceptional circumstances and when they can be demonstrated to be in the public interest so York Potash will need to demonstrate why there is a need for this development and why the mine couldn't be located elsewhere. We campaigned successfully against the plans submitted last year and remain very concerned about the impacts of such a major development on this sensitive landscape, particularly during the construction period which will last for several years and will involve significant increases in HGV movements on local roads. We will be scrutinising this new application in detail and will continue to campaign against all of the proposals which damage the National Park."


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