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Press Release August 27th 2015
Appointment of new President

We are delighted to announce that following our AGM Ian Carstairs, OBE. was elected president of NYMA. Ian has had a close connection with the North York Moors for many years and has a long history of association with landscape and conservation. He lived for 40 years in North Yorkshire and has had many public roles including his first direct association with the Moors, as assistant director of the Danby Moors Centre, in the 1970’s. In 1989 Ian founded the Carstairs Countryside Trust (CCT) a conservation charity which today owns and manages 1000 acres of land of great natural, archaeological and paleo environmental importance at more than 20 sites across Yorkshire, most of which are farmed and of international significance.

For the last 15 years he has been chairman of the Cornfield Flowers Project a nationally prestigious project in which NYMA has had an involvement as employer of the project officers over the last five years. In other roles he has been advisor to the Countryside Commission and has directed major campaigns and projects for wildlife and countryside organisations. He has been a memberof the National Rivers Authority and the Forestry Commission’s Regional Advisory Committees. Ian was a Secretary of State appointed member of the North York Moors National Park Committee for 9 years concluding his appointment as deputy chairman. He is author and photographer of a number of books including, The Yorkshire River Derwent- A Moment in Time, A Portrait of York and of Hull, Moods of the Yorkshire Coast, Saving Cornfield Flowers in North East Yorkshire and A Harvest of Colour. He was also the author of the second official guide to the North York Moors National Park.

Ian, like former President Derek Statham, wants to be a hands-on president and has already expressed his concerns about the potash proposal and in this respect he said that “If the potash mine goes ahead we cannot assume any of our National Parks are safe. It pulls the carpet from under our belief that our greatly loved and valued National Parks are protected from harm”.

Chairman Tom Chadwick said “I am personally delighted that Ian was able to accept this role and his appointment was warmly endorsed at the AGM. I am sure that he will make a significant contribution to the Association as he has done over the years in so many areas of conservation work. Ian shares our views on the value of beautiful landscapes.

Tom Chadwick Chairman NYMA


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